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Comigo provide services in planning, design, function, behavior and editorial content for websites, campaign sites, intranets and news letters.

“Best website 2005” in the travel and tourism
category by the prominent Swedish publication
“Internet World”.
We assist our clients in taking advantage of the website in their marketing and servicing their clients on a daily basis.

Throughout the years we’ve built and refined a number of websites, resulting in multiplied amounts of visitors, drastically increased sales and prestigious awards.

We work as a collaboration partner for owners, company boards, strategists, heads of marketing and sales, and sales persons who want to work in a more systematic and goal-oriented fashion with their website and overall marketing.

Comigo can plan and create a structured, user-friendly website, in accordance with W3C web standards, tailored to the target audience. A website created to support and facilitate the overall communication of the company and deliver real benefit for your clients and visitors, delivering measurable results in the shape of shortened sales processes, increased degree of service, information proliferation, and pin pointed PR and communication activities. Even in the form of recruitment support and administrative potentiation.

Comigo offers services and consultation within business, marketing and communication planning. We are happy to contribute with competencies and work methods, whether you are planning a whole website, a single product, a product group, a particular market segment, or your entire business.

We can provide ideas and content, services and functions, production of texts with high readability for the visitor and exposure to search engines. We also provide lectures and education in how to write texts with great search engine exposure, texts that are actually read by the visitor, are believed and lead to action.

We provide tools that simplify publishing information on the company website.

We offer knowledge and experience in how businesses can work resolutely and systematically with their website, to strengthen their brand, increase their sales, improve their service towards their clients and unburden their own organization.

Comigo suggests an enclasping situation analisys of the business in order to create fundamental knowledge and understanding of the business concept, the market offering, target audiences and their differing needs of information, the most important client processes, their competitive situation. Subsequently, we can provide a proposition on how your company can seriously establish themselves online, with a website that live up to the company’s position on the market.

A first step is to collect facts about your company by consuming incumbent company information, materials, interviews, contingent strategic documents, marketplaces or similar.

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